Ouch. No more boarding for me for a while :(

After a good day playing in the park, doing rails, a few jumps and a bit of boarder-cross, I was just planning on venturing back to the van when…..

…Into the snow-park and did a small jump really well, then on to the next bigger jump (which I’d done a few times today already), and ollie’d off the top and went a little higher/further than expected.  No big deal.  Landed okay, but then instantly caught my heel edge 🙁

Considering its maybe 3-4m height from the top of the jump to where I landed I was going fairly quick. The heel-edge caught and through me over backwards smashing me into the ground.  The impact shorts did their best and the helmet took a huge impact, goggles came off and I summersaulted ending up some how face first in the snow.  Hard snow – not soft stuff 🙁

Took me around 5 minutes to move (no help from anyone – cheers fellow boarders) and I’ve damaged muscles in my left shoulder and have a huge impact on my right lower back to the right of the coccyx (pelvis?).  Anyway, the heat-pads we had saved up have been applied – and sadly Mel didn’t bring our stock of codine or dyzapan. 

No permanent damage but I’ll definately have tomorrow off and that may be it as we are planning to leave Vallorie on Monday.

Mels foot/ankle is also hurting so maybe a good rest is in order.

And the worst thing?  No one caught it on camera!

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