3mths of post, and new toys!

Finished our snowboarding in Sierra Nevada yesterday, and then went to a campsite to sort our stuff out.  Met my parents who kindly delivered us our 3 months worth of post and some new toys that I’d ordered, as well as UK-only supplies.  Sadly they lost our stock of breakfast cereal and my spare shaving cream seemed to leak over everything., but my biscuit supply is replenished.  Amazingly we did get some more Christmas cards and a couple of birthday cards which was nice though it does appear the in-laws aren’t bothering with birthday cards or even birthday emails any more. 

Anyway, with my usual death wish, my new toys were also hand delivered – thanks to www.powerkiteshop.com for the advice on products.  If you fancy kites these guys know their stuff and give good advice for your budget without any up-sell pressure.  Very pleased with them.

So now I’ve got a new Kite (4m, 4 line bar) , new kiteboard, and a new harness.  And of course saftey padding.  Only problem is with 2 snowboards in the back box there isn’t room for the kiteboard.  Doh!  Have to work on that….

So if I don’t post for a while you know I’m injured lol!


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