Week 15 Blog added (El-Jadida Morocco)

Our trip has now exceeded 100 days – currently 106!  Wow – seems like an age away we left the UK and £1.33 for diesel.  We could get used to the 56p a litre over here!

Currently in El Jadida and just uploaded week 15 blog HERE which includes our visit to Marrakech.  The guided tour is now over and we’re slowly heading up the Moroccan atlantic coast and will probably be back in Spain this week. Surprisingly my long range wifi aerial is working despite me being only 5m from the beach, but can’t complain!

Hope you enjoy reading as much as we did doing it!

2 thoughts on “Week 15 Blog added (El-Jadida Morocco)”

  1. Hello Ryan/Mel,

    Great site! Now back in UK after 2050 mile run from Marrakesh to Burnley. Hope the rest of your trip is as good as our 19 days together in Morocco.

    Try and avoid crossing to Spain from Cueta on Friday as it was chaos due to returning workers to Spain for weekend.

  2. Hi Ryan/Mel.
    Loving reading all about your journey,s this is exactly what we would like to do. Sounds like your having a great time, really brilliant site hope everthing keeps going well. sue

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