Back in UK! Week 19 blog, and cost summary/review

Well we made it back to a mountain of post, bills, and many new parcels and toys! 

Our final week can be seen HERE

Our costs, summary and review can be seen HERE

And this calls an end to our longest trip to date – 19 weeks in our little van!  Worry not, after a bit of a rest and a clean we’ll be having lots of time away in the UK and then head abroad again in the near future…

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed doing!

1 thought on “Back in UK! Week 19 blog, and cost summary/review”

  1. Nice trip u 2 me an the gaffer had 3 months in Morocco:-Jan to March and like you got pestered etc, we did get as far as Tarfaya freebies after Tan Tan also did most of your trip ferry booked to go back October!!!! Glutton for punishment. Keep em Rollin.

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