Backpacking in SE Asia

OK – we’re doing it!  Well, working on it more like.  If anyone has backpacked to mainland SE Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos or Thailand) then please get in touch if you can help or offer advice.  Its all new to us and we’re stuggling finding answers.  We will be blogging it as usual for other people (see HERE for the start of our research).

Aiming to leave UK November 2011 ish and return April 2012 ish.  Apart from that, no idea where we’ll be flying to, what we want to see and do, or anything else actually!

Between now and then we’re getting some bike training in and we’ll have a few months in the Alps mountain biking.  So hopefully we can fit in planning and research time as its probably going to be wise to get flights booked in the next month or so…..  Eek!!

All part of our future plans which may or may not come off, but so far at least the next few look certain.  How much we enjoy the backpacking will depend on how many more backpacking trips we will do.

Seems a bit harder work planning than just jumping in the campervan and heading off!

EDIT:  Well its coming off!!  Flights booked and we’re off in November!!  Draft route planned – index HERE

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