Amazon Kindle 3G Review – perfect for motorhomes and travel

Kindle 3G

UPDATE:  Click HERE to see Amazon referbished Kindle 3G (factory sealed) for £116 delivered!!!!   (Wifi only version available for £79.99 delivered  see HERE) .  (Make sure you click the refurbished section)

Yes – after all this time I’ve bought a Kindle 3G + wifi.  Why?  Do I read loads of books?  Do I buy lots of book?  Well we do read a lot, but we get most of our books from charity shops, but the Kindle is worth every penny!  Very much recommended by me

Why?  Well I’m really abusing it for the free world-wide 3G ability which means we can get Internet on the Kindle, for free, from anywhere.  Considering we tavel the majority of the time this ability is superb.


Benefits for Motorhomers and campervaners

Most our travel to days as been in our campervan, and now we have this we can tell you the other benefits:-

  • Weight – no need to carry 50kg of books!
  • Free Internet – no need to crack wifi all the time
  • Easy access to Google Maps
  • Very very long battery life

Benefits for backpackers

This was really bought for our backpacking travel trip, and the reasons are:-

  • No need to carry any books
  • Super light weight
  • Free Internet everywhere
  • Easy access to maps
  • Easy access to wikitravel wesbite
  • Super long battery life needs little charging
  • Carry PDFs of all important documents, flights, insurance etc
  • Charges off USB – no need to carry any extra adapters

What is it like?

  • As a book reader – fantastic!  Very light on the eyes and very easy to read, and you soon get used to (and prefer) not having to turn pages over
  • As a PDF reader – crap – but it does the job.  You’d not read PDFs for fun.
  • As a web browser – poor – but it is usable and will get you out of a hole
  • For eMail – okay – we use gMail and the mobile version works quickly and perfectly on the Kindle.  Its not as nice as, say, an iPhone 4 or laptop, but it is very usable and very easy to read emails.

Best of all, and the reason we bought it, we can get emergency internet and frequent email without a laptop.  That for us is perfect – and wish I bought one earlier! 

Charging takes place via a standard USB cable so no need to carry special adapters.  Loads of accessories and covers, my leather cover (good enough) was £3.95 delivered on eBay!

The screen is superb for reading.  OK its not colour, but for what it is (an eReader with free internet access) its superb.  The photos on here do not do it justice at all.


Free Kindle Books

Considering we get most of our reading books from charity shops, we like the variety of books we get.  For the Kindle there are loads of buyable books and you can get loads of free books too.  Some are avaiable via the usual places you download music and movies, but even better is that there are loads of legitimate free books from random authors that are well reviwed and interesting.  Some can be bought from amazon (for 0p) and delivered wirelessly, and some you need to download from the web and transfer via the USB cable.

Some places to look:-

Update after a month use

eBook reader – perfect – now our preferred choice over paperback!  Much easier to use and really very easy. 10/10

Internet – still as naff as expected – emergency use only

eMail – gMail still working fine, simple and easy to check and free from France so far.  Can’t complain though the experience isn’t always fun!  Great if you need free and frequent email access.  Much easier to read than write.

Update after 2 months of use

Book reader:  Still perfect

Internet:  Getting better, used it a few times to find stuff out – and to “read F1 text live” – and it was fine

eMail:  Still easy to read, don’t write more than a short reply

Other:  Sometimes get a HTTP1.1 Service Unavailable error.  Wait 10 mins and try again and its generally fine, so put it down to the 3G network or Amazon being busy, but generally its good

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