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Index for this trip HERE We started week 3 counting bruises on Mel, but apart from the multi-colouring she was fine.  We opted for a day off biking and instead went on a good walk to one of the little mountain villages, passed a gorge and waterfall we didn’t know […]

Week 3 – Valloire

Lovely sunny day here today, so we went out early to get to the lift (2 min cycle ride). I was “giving way” as you should at a roundabout (with a van diddling), and some stupid French woman reversed out of a space into and onto me and the bike. […]

Run over by car :( All okay though

Index for this trip HERE After a couple of great hot days at Chanez the weather turned overnight to a massive storm.  Which would have been fine if we remembered we left the skylight open, but with the blackout blind we didn’t noticed till the blind became full of water […]

Week 2 – Chanez to Valloire

We are now in Valloire, and yesterday had a lovely hot day. The photo is from our wild camping position – beautiful and placed perfectly to watch the Tour de France come past on Friday. We went out on the bikes yesterday and had a good ride on a green […]

Valloire – sun and rain

(See our other tips here) This is another topic seen frequently on the forums where people are concerned about the security of borrowing open WiFi connections or indeed public hotspots.  Are they safe to use?  What about banking?  Surely an Internet Cafe is safer??  Especially now since so many of […]

Is Open Unsecured WiFi safe to use?

Index for this trip HERE At last, our ninth major trip is underway!  We’ve actually been away for almost 3 weeks in the UK before we left for this trip but due to some consulting work leaving to Europe was delayed.  But as I write this, we’re now in Europe, […]

Week 1 – Home to Chanez

(Click HERE for other tips, and HERE for other GPS POIs) On the forums I see lot of questions regarding BT FON, and I’ve not seen a simple FAQ suitable for motorhomers, so I thought I’d write one to save me typing the same answers all the time!  Any questions […]


Yeah, I know we said we were off a few weeks ago.  And we were.  But due to some work (!) we were just catching up with some friends over the last few weeks, a few days chilling in Brighton, (oh – and work), and at last we’re off to France […]

We’re off (again!) – Mountain biking Alps