Run over by car :( All okay though

Lovely sunny day here today, so we went out early to get to the lift (2 min cycle ride). I was “giving way” as you should at a roundabout (with a van diddling), and some stupid French woman reversed out of a space into and onto me and the bike. I jumped clear unharmed but my bike was under the back wheel. Lets just say I used some choice French words, and after deciding not to slap her round the head, I made it clear she’d be getting it fixed. Fortunately, the wheel popped off the axle which meant the bike frame was undamaged, and the bike shop managed to get everything working again with the woman waiting and she paid the bill. Just needed some adjustment, and the derailleur fixed and the bracket bent back. Amazingly the wheel wasn’t damaged or buckled and the bike shop said it was all rather lucky. Did some good riding after that (best yet), and I even fell off on a narrow run and went down a bank with a few rolly-pollies. All unharmed. This lark is fun!

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