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Index for this trip HERE On leaving Rocamadour we had a nice chat with our “neighbours” – and her English was only slight better than our French, but it was actually rather good to mutually cock up both languages yet still have a conversation!  We headed to Sarlat-la-Canéda which was […]

Week 7 – Rocamadour to La Rochelle

Can you believe it? This year, we’ve had 2 months snowboarding; a month mountain biking; and a fair amount of time wakeboarding, and pretty much we came away unscathed. But the seemingly harmless pursuit of swimming in the sea (ok – the waves were probably 2m tall, forceful, but fun), […]

First visit to Casualty :(

(See HERE for our other GPS download index page) OK – we admit it – we don’t eat at McDonalds, but pretty much throughout Europe they have free WiFi.  With the long range wifi aeriels you can just sit in the carpark too and not even have to go into […]

McDonalds GPS Location for Europe (WiFi)

Index for this trip HERE As the weather was again clear and warm, we decided to head to the cost again for a few days, so we went to the sandy beaches of Cap d’Agde to chill out and get some rays.  There was some more excitement than normal on […]

Week 6 – Homps to Rocamadour

Wow!  After waiting over 3 years for MS to update 2007 to 2010 version, they have released the 2011 version already.  OK we know the maps aren’t as up to date as your satnav, but for laptop based planning purposes the laptop software is great.  Judging by how many download […]

Microsoft Autoroute 2011 Available

Index for this trip HERE After exploring L2A and not really feeling chilled there, the weather turned to heavy rain which made the decision to leave for us.  We decided to head for Gap for no other reason than the route would take us via roads and places we’ve never […]

Week 5 – Les Deux Alpes to Homps

Index for this trip HERE We awoke at the start of our 4th week to glorious sunshine, so we were out bright and early on the trails.  They opened up another lift, so we took that up and played on trails that we hadn’t tried before, as well as improving […]

Week 4 – Valloire to Les Deux Alpes

(For our other tips, see our tip index HERE) Here is my guide on how to remove a Malaga 3 water heater, and remove and replace the burner and/or ignitor/flame sensor. There are some dangerous bits, as you will need to work with gas, water, 12v and 240v wires.  Nothing […]

Fixing Malaga 3 hot water heater ignitor/burner