First visit to Casualty :(

Can you believe it? This year, we’ve had 2 months snowboarding; a month mountain biking; and a fair amount of time wakeboarding, and pretty much we came away unscathed. But the seemingly harmless pursuit of swimming in the sea (ok – the waves were probably 2m tall, forceful, but fun), a big wave threw me and Mel together and I accidentally kicked her. So apart from the earache from the accidental kick, I damaged my little toe meaning I can hardly walk. Its all swollen and black. We went to casualty (okay, actually the first aid hut), where I simply got told the expected “nothing we can do, it’ll be fine in 3 weeks”. Great. All these manly sports where injuries are like trophies, and I get a knackered toe from doing pretty much nothing. Pah.

2 thoughts on “First visit to Casualty :(”

  1. Let me get this right, you kick Mel in the face and then have to go to Hospital with an injured toe? There’s a moral in there somewhere ;).

  2. lol! The “earache” from Mel was more verbal from her moaning I kicked her, rather than physical kick to the ear. I actually only kicked her leg.
    Mel fine, toe still painful. 🙁

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