Week 6 – Homps to Rocamadour

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As the weather was again clear and warm, we decided to head to the cost again for a few days, so we went to the sandy beaches of Cap d’Agde to chill out and get some rays.  There was some more excitement than normal on the beach with a guy who appeared to have a heart attack getting CPR from the lifeguards, and a girl who got sucked into a boat propeller…  Apart from that, a lovely fun place to visit.

Following from there, we headed to Lac du Salagou – a lovely big lake with red rock outcrops and sand, with permitted and busy wild camping all around.  Many “busy” spots but also a few secluded ones – it really was a lovely setting.  Loads of running and mountain bike routes too – we had an energetic time running, cycling and swimming – though decided cycling uphill isn’t as much fun as going down! 

Annoyingly, we were working our schedule based on a weeks’ job I have in New York, and only just been told it is delayed until October.  DOH!  If we’d known we’d have had more time in the Alps biking. Bit of a shame, but leaving as we did may well have saved a broken bone!  Amazing how work gets in the way, even for us.

Alas, an early morning lake swim made up for everything, even Mels birthday, and then we headed avoiding all motorways on some interesting and deadly quiet roads, via Milau for another view of the viaduct, up to the d’Olts little villages (e.g. Saint-Geniez-d’Olt) – where we thought we may stay, but instead headed to Rodez which seemed a bit of a busier choice for Mels b’day.

Rodez aire is okay, but the town did look a little past its best with many closed down shops but the restaurants were busy.  Our choice was made when there was a sudden (and much needed) thunderstorm so the closest restaurant turned out to be rather good and despite the photo, Mel wasn’t drunk!   By the time we left the storm had gone and we got back dry before heading for a long walk around the lake in the morning.

We took the scenic drive to Cahors where we’ve just overnighted before.  This time we had more time to explore the medieval town which was interesting, and also the impressive Pont Valentré (fortified bridge).  Ironically, after all the effort I went to fixing the hot water, it was so hot we actually wanted and had a cold shower!  We stayed overnight ready for the (apparently good) Saturday market, but it was quite small though Mel did buy some undies. 

The tourist info reminded us of the caves at Gauffre de Padirac – an ancient limestone cave and underwater river, where one of the caves has collapsed leaving an impressive crater.  We’ve seen numerous caves before, and though it was somewhat rushed and the lighting not great, the actual caves, the 500m river punt, and the limestone formations were impressive.  From there we hit Rocamadour – anther ancient medieval town perched on a cliff face, and to be fair is quite a “wow” sight when you get up close.  A few oldie shops and a good walk finished off the day and the week.

Week 6 leaves Mel a little older, and us sort of heading in a homeward direction as slow as we can.

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