Caravan Club sites and CL GPS POI

UPDATE:  This post is now OUT OF DATE – see HERE for the latest data

I know – I’m hanging my head in shame, but we are members of the Caravan club.  Eek.

Anyway, they do provide GPS data on their website, but they only do it in particular formats, and not the formats I want – like Autoroute and Google Earth.  And if I want it – then I’m sure everyone else does.

As such, as of today, I have the latest data and I have converted it into the usual formats and made them available on here for people to get.  Hope you all find it useful!

The download is on our main download page HERE – there is a single download for TomTom and Autoroute, but if you use the other data you need to download the CL and the sites separately.  Enjoy!

Autoroute is by far the easiest way to see the data off line and to help you easily see where all the sites are, and of course the points have the name, address and phone number of the location.

 To download, go to our download page HERE

3 thoughts on “Caravan Club sites and CL GPS POI”

  1. My present sat-nav doesn’t allow the input of GPS coordinates. Can you recommend one that allows this and also input of OS Map refs as provided by the Caravan Club?
    Any help you can give would be appreciated.

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