Trip 9 – Costs and Review

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Travel Ferry 80.00 €
  Tolls 3.00 €
  Fuel 572.00 €
  Parking (see Wild if overnight stop) 2.00 €
  Train/bus/tram 0.00 €
Subsistence Food 335.00 €
  Gas 28.00 €
  Entertainment/Goodies   421.00 €
  Essentials (laundry, household, repairs) 109.00 €
Camping Wild/Free 38 0.00 €
  Aires (or equiv) 10 0.00 €
  ACSI Site 0 0.00 €
  Camping Cheque Site 0 0.00 €
  Other sites 6 178.00 €
TOTAL Total cost 1,728.00 €
  Days away 54 32.00 €  


54 days away, 2850 miles, 32€ (£28.50) per day

If we use one word for this trip, it is “hot”!  Despite going to the Sahara earlier this year, plus many days away, this is the first trip we’ve been hitting 35-40’C in the shade for a large part of the middle and end of the trip.  Bit of a change from when we arrived in the Alps in July as we had to have the heating on and the top of the mountain was bitter!

The mountain biking, and Valloire, was superb – really 10/10.  We could have had more practice and time there and when we left we still had runs to try and were not bored.  We only left as we were under timescales to get back to UK for a contract that was subsequently delayed!  DOH!

Our trip to the rest of France was aiming to take us to new places.  We did see loads of nice and interesting things, but we have to say there are far too many people and motorhomers about.  Not as many as we expected in some places, but in others there was no quiet place to hide – just loads of big white vans.  I think our preference for the future is to go just off peak season.

We are still very keen to visit the Normandy beaches and to learn more about the wars and how they made Europe the way it is; and we’re also keen to see some of the vineyards – but these will be left for future visits.

On this trip we’ve probably had more time on the beach chilling than any other which has been a surprise – as well as the cause of the main injury of our trips so far (my toe!). 

France does have some very good and special places, and we do like a lot of the place and we still have a lot to see. We will return to some of our favourite places again, but it is probably fair to say we’ve still not fallen in love with France as a whole.  Far too much “samey” bits around, and a lot of low quality and boring bits, and it does become tedious looking at town after town of badly rendered blockwork in disrepair with 50+ year old paint/adverts…  Needs a bit of a refresh!

That said, we’ve spent more time in France in 2011 than anywhere else and we have had a very good time – mainly down to Valloire and the boarding and biking Alps as well as some good beach time.

Due to it being busier than normal, we’ve become glad we’re small and grey.  There are far too many big white vans in France in the summer with horrendous driving standards (we’ve almost been hit when parked a couple of times) – and the hygiene around aires makes us glad we disinfect everything before we start!  Though I did smirk after a guy rinsed his loo cassette on the “fresh” tap, then his wife filled up her water bottles from the tap a minute or so later without cleaning it. 

Its hard to give an overall mark for the trip, as the biking was superb, a couple of the beaches and environment were great, but there were chunks of non-excitement inbetween.  Probably 7/10 overall, but 9.5/10 and 10/10 in places.

2 thoughts on “Trip 9 – Costs and Review”

  1. Just had a short read of some of your exploits in France and applaud the low camping costs. We had planned France and Spain for 6 weeks from middle of Sept but are back home because of a DVT scare with Pete’s leg. Turned out to be OK so hot footed it to Woolacombe to make most of hot weather. Back now as both have colds – (curses!) so chilling out with your website. Got as far as Picos De Europa – brilliant, also cycled in ‘Green Venice’ in France. Nice and flat so probably not enough of a challenge for you two. My sister and bro-in-law bought a Cavarno 2 from Steve a couple of days ago!! Picking it up on 17th so we’ll be off for a trip to Lincolnshire soon to view it.
    If you are around our area house hunting do come and stay. Barbara x

  2. Surfing web for europe rv travel bolgs and found your blog. Thanks for the info and insite. Wife and I are rving for 40 days (sept/oct) germany, france, low countries, and italy. Could you be more specific on how you did it for so cheap.

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