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See trip index here and Southern Thailand index here.  Additional pictures here Our first ever backpacking trip started well – we made it from Suffolk, through London and to our Travel Lodge near heathrow. Always a good start!  And we were spoilt with a friend taking us out for our […]

0-3 Home to Bangkok

We thought it’d be useful to publish our packing list as all our research may benefit some others who may do a similar list. (See newer improved version based on more experience here ) Top Tips:- Don’t take any books – they are heavy.  PDF any documents you want from […]

Packing List and Final Tips

4 days to go and things still going to plan.  FCO have issued no more warnings about Thailand, insurance is sorted, and most of the stuff has been delivered.  Only a new 8Gb camera memory card is outstanding. We will be going backwards on our proposed route (here) which has […]

T-4 Days….

Despite being absent from UK news, the flooding in Thailand has been getting worse, and the more we look, the bigger problem it is getting.  It is certainly going to hange our plans. Interestingly, they seem to be trying to look after tourists, and indeed have their priorities right – […]

T-11 days to Bangkok

With under 3 weeks to go before we head off to Bangkok, we’ve just had an email from the one and only guesthouse we booked for ths trip saying they are flooded and will be closed for at least a month.  We had planned 3-4 days in Bangkok to aclimatise […]

Asia – Thailand Flooding