Asia – Thailand Flooding

With under 3 weeks to go before we head off to Bangkok, we’ve just had an email from the one and only guesthouse we booked for ths trip saying they are flooded and will be closed for at least a month.  We had planned 3-4 days in Bangkok to aclimatise for Asia..

We’ve made another booking at the other side of Bangkok in another highly rated guesthouse, but are now slightly concerned!

The high-tides are due on 14th November in Bangkok, and with the flood waters heading south the situation could be 10x worse in a a few weeks.

We’re still going to go (unless the main airport is closed and flooded), but of course will have a different take on it.  I think Bangkok and north will be more of a solomn affair as so many have suffered in the floods (1-2m of water for over a month).  But in truth, they need the tourism money to recover so if we stayed away we’d hit them hardeer. Maybe we can help out a bit too.

We may have to change plans over the next few weeks if it gets worse, but fingers crossed….



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