Packing List and Final Tips

We thought it’d be useful to publish our packing list as all our research may benefit some others who may do a similar list.

(See newer improved version based on more experience here )

Top Tips:-

  1. Don’t take any books – they are heavy.  PDF any documents you want from WikiTravel/WikiPedia/Train maps/eTickets etc, and save on laptop.  Use DROPBOX to sync all these files with the Internet.  If you have an Android phone  you can install DropBox and DropSync to replicate all documents to phone!
  2. The Android phone is going to be be the ULTIMATE gadget:-
    –  Use as MP3 player (no need to take iPod) – take MiniX speakers
    – On the maps app, Install the “precache” lab add on, and pre-cache google maps for the areas you are going.  Inbuilt GPS and the offline maps will be very handy.
    – Install MapDroid and download maps for the areas you are going
    –  Download any free Android talking apps (like LearnThai) – which will help with how to pronounce simple words and phrases.  Like “help” and “I’m lost”.  🙂
  3. We are taking a Laptop as we, well I, use them a lot.  For ease, make sure EVERY other device you have can charge from the laptop USB ports which saves carrying loads of power supplies.
  4. The Kindle 3G will be very useful.  Not only as a book reader, but the free global 3G will mean you can get emails anywhere, and also use the internet in an emergency to find out how to get you out of trouble.
  5. Don’t take big rucksacks.  We’re taking 2x Berghaus Freeflow V 35+8 rucksacks.  Superb fit, small enough, but also big enough.  They have a great back system which means they don’t touch your back which is important for air-flow in 30’+ humid heat.
  6. Take a small day rucksack that you can stuff in your bigger sack.  We will use this for “valuables” – and keep with us if/when we have to put the big sacks in the hold/luggage areas.  You can use as a day sack when you go out.
  7. Do your research for how to get money.  We are taking both Visa/Mastercard credit cards and debit cards, and have what we think is the cheapest combination.  See below.  FairFX do the $ mastercard debit card ideal for Asia.

Packing List

Gadgets and Gizmo

  • Samsung netbook, spare battery, power supply, plug adapter, Skype headset.
  • Unlocked Orange san fransisco android phone with 16Gb card, spare battery, headset, and USB charging cable, and MiniX speakers
  • Unlocked nokia phone and USB charging cable
  • Kindle 3G (cable same as phone) and waterproof case
  • Samsung PL series camera, 8Gb memory card, spare battery, waterproof/underwater case, charging cable


Whilst we don’t think Asia will be any worse than any other tourist hotspot, we will be taking some precautions:-

Other useful bits

  • Pre printed passport photos (10+ each) for visas etc
  • Driving license (if expecting to hire something)
  • Passports (doh!)
  • Travel insurance documents (pdf and use Dropbox)
  • Paper map of Asia (cut out index page!)
  • Waterproof bags – used to wrap all electronic bits as we will be doing dogy water crossings
  • Sunglasses
  • Little torch
  • Small sewing kit
  • Universal sink plug
  • Micro fibe anti bacterial towel

Money and cards

  • Nationwide visa credit card
  • Post Office mastercard credit card
  • FairFX currency debit mastercard
  • Nationwide visa debit card
  • Dollars in cash
  • Nationwide electronic card reader (grrrrr!)

Drugs and potions

  • Some factor 30 suncream
  • Deet 100% mosquito repellant
  • Anti Malaria drugs
  • Sterilising hand wash
  • Ibuprofen & paracetemol
  • Dioralyte & anti-dioriha pills
  • Baby/face wipes
  • Toilettary bag, including nail scissors etc
  • Double mosquito net and bed-bug sheet
  • Large roll of loo paper in waterproof bag
  • First aid kit with latex gloves
  • Sick clear up kit (for Mel 😉 )

Clothes (including wearing!)

Most clothes are lightweight and quick dry/technical. List is for EACH of us!

  • Approach type shoes (waterproof/breathable) (Merrell Enuma for Mel, Northface Hedgehog for me)
  • 3 pairs trousers (one full, one 3/4 and one tripple zip-off)
  • Swimming/board shorts
  • 3 t-shirts
  • 1 long sleved t-shirt
  • 1 fleece
  • Good Sandals (suitable for walking)
  • 7 sets of undies/socks (plus as many old ones as we can cram in and bin en-route!)

Mels rucksack is 9.5kg, and mine is about 10.5kg which I think is good going….

4 thoughts on “Packing List and Final Tips”

  1. Must be getting really exciting now – so close to going. Have fun, hope to catch up when you both get back safe and sound. You should revisit this list when you get back – see if you took everything you needed and left behind everything you didn’t. All the best.

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