2012 GPS Database (Aires, Service, ACSI etc) available 7

After the popularity of my 2009, 2010 and 2011 databases – I have now created a new 2012 version with the latest available data.

As always, I wish to reiterate I did not create any of the raw data.  I have simply obtained the data from multiple sources, maniplated into a standard format, done a bit of Excel fiddling, and got it into formats that I (and I know others) find most useful.

The formats are for MS Auto route 2010 and 2011.  Please download the correct version as MS AR 2011 does NOT upgrade the 2010 data to 2011 correctly.  I have also included TomTom and a RAW format that is .csv files that are all in a format suitable for Garmins (I believe).  Also there is a Google Earth version, both a single database and individual files if you want them.

The databases contain:-

  • ACSI 2012 (including page numbers for books)
  • Camping Cheques 2012 (including page numbers for books)
  • Bordatlas 2012 (including page numbers for books)
  • Motorhome Parking (daytime)
  • Motorhome Parking (night permitted)
  • Motorhome Parking (dedicated places)
  • Campsites allowing MH Service
  • Motorway aires
  • Aires de service stop off only
  • Aire de service service and stay

The later datasets are from “Camping Car Infos” – and if you have a laptop I strongly recommend you downloading or buying their offline database.  You can get these datasets directly of them, but not in a format suitable for simply getting into Garmins or Autoroute (hence my conversion)

Download the files from our single download page HERE




We use and recommned Autoroute 2010 (the cheaper version) for your laptop  If you want to have GPS tracking and navigation on your laptop, the Autoroute 2010 GPS comes with a GPS receiver.  (Or buy the cheaper one and a serparate USB/Bluetooth GPS receiver from eBay).  We also use an excellent TomTom XL with IQ routes and full maps for Europe and beyond.  We could not survive without Tommy!


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