House Hunting…. 1

Well for those wondering what we’re doing after returning from the fabulous Asia trip, well, back to reality I guess!

Its time to buy another house somewhere and get our stuff out of my (very kind!) parents garage.

Not sure where, but we like places like Chippenham; Cirencester; Gillingham; Salisbury; Highworth; Melksham to name but a few.  Our wide search area makes the hunt hard work, and our house requirements make it even tougher!

So, we’re in the UK, zig-zagging the Cotswolds, Wiltshire and Dorset looking for a nice house, in a nice place, for a great price….

The van is proving a very useful tool to help this journey……


But worry not – once we have a house, the adventures will continue – albeit in shorter chunks.

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One thought on “House Hunting….

  • Sheron Hassell

    House hunting …. aaaargh.

    You’re site’s helped me a lot – I feel I owe you one (or two)
    So ……
    We’ve got a freebie pitch for weary travellers if your searching in the Tintern or lower Wye-Valley area.
    email or phone (no on the website)……