Our New Home….

Well, as you may have seen, we’ve not updated our blog since we came back from Asia.  Amazingly, we came back on 25 March, then after sorting some bits out we went area/house hunting with a HUGE area of the Cotswolds, Wiltshire and Dorset.  So the little camper has been used heavily since then.

But, the work paid off and we bought a house in Melksham, Wiltshire.  We saw it on 26 April, made an offer on 27 April, and completed on 1 June!  Amazingly quick, and of course since then we’ve been shopping….

Its a nice little 3 bed house on a private lane with space for a campervan or two on the drive – so perfect.  Some work needed, spent today sorting out a water tap for filling the van up!  A bit of TLC, DIY and decortating to do, and today we had delivery of a new washing machine and my home cinema system!  All set up so Mel is looking forward to watching Matt Damon tonight in HD glory.  Sofas don’t arrive for a few weeks….

Its got a lovely garden with apple and pear trees.  No idea what to do with them all, so maybe homebrew cider?  If we don’t kill them off of course!

So this year may see very few long trips as we try and establish the house and ourselves in the area.  We’re actually really

happy with the location and the friendliness of the people – already at the local running club a


nd going to sign up to the Bristol Half Marathon in September…  Oops. 

But worry not, the dream isn’t over….!  Just this year we may have to settle for 3 months in Asia and a couple of long holidays…  Normal service will resume!


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  1. Hi Ryan and Mel,
    Like the house and garden, our daughter lives at Market Lavington. We are spending New Year at the CCC site at Marlborough, with Gail and Richard.
    We traded in the Excel that we had on the Morocco trip for an Autotrail Tracker, a little bigger and more payload. We had a week in Suffolk short of time otherwise we would have called on Colin and Jenny.

    Regards David

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