Missing Asia :(

Well, its now August, and our Asia trip seems a distant memory.  To aid that, we’ve just spent a few days creating a photo montage and got it printed out and delivered today in A0 size.  Its massive!! 5,200 pixels wide, and 7,300 pixels high.  Any bigger the laptop kept crashing and it wasn’t able to convert the file types.  Looks amazing.

Now doing one for our Europe campervan trips.

Such a PITA – having to copy & stitch together numerous “maps” to get one the size we want.

See attached for a much smaller version of Asia so you get the idea.  The quality and size of the real one is HUGE! (85cm x 120xm) and the detail is super as you can see all the name places etc really well.  The pics are roughly where they were taken..

Ahhhh – memories…..


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