Snowboarding with Campervan in Valloire

Thought it was about time we posted again as it looks like we’ve not Camping in the snow in Vallorebeen up to much.  The thing is, we have, but nothing as long or as challenging as previous trips, so not really worth saying much about!  It also looks like the van hasn’t been used much, but in 2012 we probably had 70+ days away, and 2013 already its been used more than the house – and its holding up well.  So don’t worry, we’re still not reverted to “normality” again!

We’ve headed to Valloire again ( See HERE for previous trip) which is a lovely town in the French Alps.  We bought the ANNUALSAM_1942 seasom ticket (for winter and summer) again for a bargain €265 and decided to have a month snowboarding.  We’re camping in the campsite (<€25/n) which isn’t bad at all for a reasonable campsite and much needed 16A electricity to keep the van nice and snug.

Valloire is a fun little place, a bit off the beaten track and full of French and Dutch – not many English at all.  They havSAM_1957e ice and snow sculpture competitions so thought we’d show you some we made 🙂

As usual, the slopes are good and reasonably quiet, and as usual we aren’t great.  We’ve had more lessons and had some excellent tuitiSAM_1963on so I guess we’re okay, but far from natural experts.  The wnow has been good, a couple of good dump downs since we’ve been here, so the pistes are good and off-piste is fantastic.  We’ve had a lot of fun off piste (with a guide of course, as our insurance doesn’t cover us off piste without one), and even went out and need to take avalanche packs with us.  Fortunately not needed, but the powder was amazing.  B****dy hard work mind, as if you fall then you are stuck, and Mel needed digging out a few times as she was like a cross between SAM_1969a flailing snow-angel and bambi with only one leg!  Still, all great fun!

This time we actually managed to overlap some friends here which has been nice.  Some other friends changed mind at the last minute, anSAM_1965d boy-oh-boy did they miss out 🙂

The van is holding up well, very cozy and warm (despite external appearances), and the snow-tyres are doing their bit to keep us on the road.

Some pictures attached, but for all pictures of this trip see HERE



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  1. Hi, the campsite at Valloire looks good. We recently staying in Le Grand Bornand in our VW campervan and loved it. Does the campsite at Valloire have a ski boot warm room where you can store them overnight safely ?

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