Mountain Biking

All photos from this trip are HERE, previous installment HERESAM_2114

Staying at Vallorie, our biking has improved and (touch wood) – our extra body armour has so far not been needed – we’ve stayed surprisingly accident free!  The worst its got is having to put a foot down so, so far, all going well!  The bikes are holding up well but being hardtails are now hitting their limits and bounce too much over the rough stuff.  Amazingly, no punctures yet but we are on our 3rd set of rear brake pads each!  And I think the SAM_2120tyres are starting to lose their tread…

We’re doing all the available blues and also some reds, but Mel doesn’t like the reds too much as there are some scary bits – but to be fair, some of the reds scare the pants off me – so I’m glad I can use the fact the bikes are hardtails as an excuse!  Blacks aren’t even being considered.

Some amazing walks here too, we walked up to the top lift that gives a stunning view over Valminier which looks so different in the summer, and we then walked all the way back to Valloire on a DIY route following the ski runs we know so well.  Funny how the SAM_2115steepness seems to vary in the summer and how different the ground looks when its not covered in pure snow….  Towards the end (as the lifts were closed) we walked down a new red bike run and, errr, lets just say it looked tough!  I’m sure it would be easier on a bike, but there wasn’t much room for error….  We have, sadly, seen the helicopter out picking up injured bikers.SAM_2121

Valloire has had some festivities too, not sure we’ve ever seen the town so busy!  Loads of people everywhere and (another) firework display which we weren’t expecting as we were having an early night!

But with a much needed couple of days of rest, and catching up with chores, its time to plan where we head from here…  Probably got 4-5 days left so should have Mels birthday here (don’t ask….) – but then we fancy some watersports and some new biking areas to explore…

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