Our van! Sell or keep?

After 8 years of owning our little cavarno, we are having naughty thoughts about selling it.  Not because we want to up-size or down-SAM_2276size or upgrade, but because our plans for the next 12-18mths aren’t covering many long van trips.  We are thinking cycle trekking, backpacking etc for next year….  And is it fair to have this van resting on our drive?

Problem is, there is nothing better out there for the money – bigger branded vans tend not to be as well made yet cost more for the age…  These really are such good value.  If we did sell, what would we rebuy when the time came?  Nothing comes close for the value we’d realise for this… And it’d never be as good.  One reason to swap is for 4×4/real off-road capabilities which, to be fair, the Cavarno couldn’t do.

So at the weekend, we (well I) washed it as we seldom SAM_2281wash the outside (I don’t believe in washing metalic-painted vans, all you do is create paint swirls!), and I’m surprised how well it came out!  Even the wheels are shiny!  OK – I’m not going to say it is in perfect condition, but for an 8yo vehicle its pretty damn good!  Only minor blemishes and door-dings which any 3yo car would have – testomony to how we’ve looked after it and parked safely away from others!  Of course, as with everything it does need taking care of and general maintenance to keep it in good condition,  So with the sun shining on it, it looks good…..

….which makes us think “keep it, there really is nothing better”, and just plan in more van trips next year instead!

Decisions decisions….  What do you think?

SAM_2275  SAM_2277  SAM_2280  SAM_2278



After long deliberations, we can’t see anything better, and as the van is in pretty much perfect condition we’re going to keep it for the foreseeable 🙂  So with that in mind, we’ve got some weekends away planned already! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Our van! Sell or keep?”

  1. Perhaps you’ve said elsewhere, but what is the make and model and type of campervan?
    Are you equipped with all the extras like sattelite and solar like the hymers etc, or is it more of a basic van conversion?

    Good choice not selling

  2. Hi. See http://www.doyourdream.co.uk/campervan/ourvan-php/detailed-review-cavarno-2/ and http://www.doyourdream.co.uk/campervan/ourvan-php/ for more details on the van. It is a lot more compact than most, and is the smallest you can get with everything in it- hot water; shower; loo; fridge etc. I’d not say its a basic van conversion, far from it. We have a digital aerial but not satellite. We did carry a dish, but we really find when we’re out and about we’re glad not to watch TV! We take movies and box-sets but glad not to care about the news! We don’t have solar, but the onboard batteries last ages – our 6-7 week trip around Denmark was totally without mains power and driving was enough to charge. Batteries last maybe 2 weeks without driving. Hope this is useful!

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