2014 Plans…

Happy new year to our avid readers who probably think we’ve either died, or just aren’t doing anything anymore!  Well, sorry 🙁 we’ve been busy and we only try and put interesting trips on our blog as anything that is short or normal isn’t really worth writing about!

After our van issues (which turned out to be nothing at all, just a problem caused by a garage idiot) we got a bit frustrated with the van, but after it is back to being perfect we decided to keep it – it is in such good condition and suits our needs so well, we can’t find anything better.


Our new house has taken up a lot of time, 2013 saw us doing lots of DIY, replacing the roof, installing a log burner, and building lots of log stores as well as sorting out some typical issues which prevent condensation and just make the house a lot better.  We really like our house and the area – so were very lucky with the find. Annoyingly, but nicely, we’ve both been very busy with work too!

We run our own company and freelance, so work when work appears if we want it, but 2013 saw a lot of fun work and challenges for us both – I was surprised to have to implement Office 365 for 120 people, designing/implementing all IT infrastructure from scratch, and then undertake building relocation…  Then many other clients wanted Office 365 cumulating in a London based pharmaceutical.  Due to its nature, each implementation is different and challenging.

But even with that, we managed a 5 week snowboarding trip, a 6 week mountain biking trip.  We’ve also had a couple of shorter breaks but not enough!  Lesson learned..


For 2014 we’re planning on doing something different as we’re still busy at home, so most of our trips will be UK based and proably not mentioned on here

We will hopefully have at least a weekend away every months, and we’ve got plans for Exmoor, Rutland and the Peaks already for various events.  We also plan a few weeks in Scotland around the time of the Edinburgh festival.

Our main trip this year though will be van-less (!) We’ll have to buy some more equipment, but the plan is to have a leisurely cycle ride from the north coast of France (St Malo) to the med…..  On the bikes we use for down-hill mountain biking!


Our main van trip is expected to be Scandinavia and the arctic circle.

We also need to fit in another trip to Thailand/Cambodia and New Zealand….  Though when, how and in what order is yet to be considered!

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