Cycle Route to The Med!

A few people have asked us for details of our route, so here is a clever interactive map showing our route in full detail.  Its so accurate, we’re only taking this data with us – and not any paper maps!  But, we will have 2x smartphones and a tablet so, in theory, can’t get lost.

The Altitude data has been added so we can see how hilly the route now is (or isn’t)  – phew!

But, everything else is in order, almost all the equipment is here, transport booked, just want to get going now!

You can zoom in, pan around, and see all the hidden cycle lanes in France…..

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/France-trip-v2.gpx”]

(thanks to for the first bit of GPS data from St Malo to Dinan – we’ve copied that into our start)

Stuff we are taking

Here is a list of stuff we're taking with us.... Each item seems to best, or best value for money. Lots of new toys which hopefully will have use after the event!

Listed here for interest, and of course we get nominal commission from Amazon should you buy anything from an ad you click here which buys us a beer from time to time. Thanks 🙂

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