2015 & 2016 Adventure Plans

The last year has been interesting for us, some fun work projects, house and vehicle DIY, and a few short trips not really worth blogging about, and a long bike trip that was.  Also, funnily enough, over the last 12 months we’ve become familiar with Trowbridge hospital and RUH in Bath with a couple of A&E visits.  Mel wins the award for the most stiches and the most blood spilt this year.  So these events do tend to slow us down a bit, but fear not (!) – our plans continue!  Though currently not permitted to do anything tooooooooo strenuous.

Our adventures have taught us that variety is the spice of life – and we like all sorts.  So we’re keen on mixing up hiking, cycling touring, mountain biking, beaches, mountains, van trips and backpacking – and not just doing the same thing.  And, its actually quite tough to plan it all in!

So, our DRAFT PLAN (subject to change) is the following….
(Please feel free to give us any advice if you’ve done similar)


  • Spring:  Cycle “LEJOG”.  (But not *the* Lands End to John O’Groats, our shorter version of it, maybe camping/B&B/TBC)
  • Early Summer:  Cycle tour around Switzerland (!)
  • Late Summer:  Our usual mountain biking in the Alps and  lazing on some med beaches in the van.
  • To fit in:  Van trips around Devon, Cornwall and Dorset


  • Winter/Spring:  Cycle tour and backpacking trip around New Zealand.
  • Summer:  Van trip up and around Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle
  • TBD:  Walking trip somewhere
  • To fit in:  Van trips around Devon, Cornwall and Dorset

Still to do, but no time to fit in (!)

  • Return visit to Thailand & Cambodia, maybe Mynamar
  • Eastern Europe
  • Return visit to Germany/Italy
  • Croatia, Slovinia, Slovakia
  • Iceland trip
  • etc!

4 thoughts on “2015 & 2016 Adventure Plans”

  1. Loving how you have adapted your site to include your various forms of travel.

    We’re back in the UK getting ourselves financially secure before we start to travel again in 2016. Scandinavia and the Arctic Circle are still on our bucket list, so we might finally get to meet up! 🙂

    Ju x

  2. Hi Julie
    Its penned in for 2016, though of course plans do change…. but that’s the plan

    Since writing this, we may postpone NZ till another time, do Portugal over xmas 2015/16 and then back to Thailand 2016/17. We miss Asia lol!

    Yeah, had to adapt the site as doing lots of other trips – though its a bit of a mess and mishmash, but as its our diary only its good enough lol!

    Missing long van trips, but love living where we do. Lots of little trips don’t get a mention here but rest assured van is getting used.

    Stay in touch re Scandinavia – more than happy to share drink and food on the trip 🙂

    Happy travels!

  3. Did you ever make it to Devon, I see that your van has gone. It is a stunning part of the country and we live in north Devon, if you ever make it down here, bring your boards and a barbecue in the summer! The only thing that is annoying the locals are the car parking charges at the beaches though, they are becoming extortionate! Great blog by the way!

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