Melksham, Westbury, Warminster, Salisbury, downs, Amesbury, Devizes round MTB 125km route

We use a Garmin Edge Touring bike GPS, and the GPX files here will work on it nicely! Full review see HERE.

For full Wiltshire route index see HERE

This is a very picturesque route through Wiltshire, mainly Westbury, Warminster, Salisbury, Amesbury and Devizes as well as dozen of little picture-postcard villages en route.   Really pretty views across the countryside and some villages you’ve probably seen in period dramas.  We split the route staying in the Premier Inn in Salisbury for the night.  The first half is mainly very quiet country roads, and the second half includes a lot of gravel tracks.  Some gravel/mud all at various places, and mostly single track country lanes.  Perhaps 2 miles of busy-ish roads on the entire route.

The route across Salisbury Plain is quite hilly and tough!

Whilst route isn’t really off road, its probably not suitable for full road bikes.  Hybrid would be OK

  • Distance:  125km
  • Type of route: Canal, gravel, quite road, gravel tracks
  • Difficulty (excluding distance):  Hard

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Melksham-Westbury-Warminster-Salisbury-Devizes-v4.gpx”]

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