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Click HERE for trip index Fortunately, the minivan from Kanchanaburi to Ayutthaya ran and was surprisingly efficient, collecting us and delivering us door to door at our guesthouses. We stayed in the same place as 2012 and worryingly the lady recognized us. We only stayed the night as we had […]

Asia 2016: Ayutthaya, Pak Chong, Khao Yai

Click HERE to see trip index As planned we walked to the pier 13 and took the express boat to thon buri pier 11 for 26 bhats and walked to the train station for a 100bt (£2) ticket to Kanchanaburi. It is a long journey but worth it by train […]

Asia 2016: Kanchanaburi

Click HERE for trip index The flight into Bangkok was smooth and the pre arranged pick up was waiting. The hotel pickups are a lot more than taxis but just take all the hassle away at a new city. The hotel was where we expected and was quite reasonable for […]

Asia 2016: Bangkok

See HERE for trip index This trip is slightly different to our previous Asia trip as my parents should have been joining us for the first 4 weeks (see later). As they are (cough) 70+ we’ve had to take that into consideration in terms of locations and timings, with the […]

Asia 2016: Siem Reap

Well, following on from our 2015-2016 plans, how did we do? Hmmm.  Not hugely well.  Totally my parents fault, mainly my mother, whose selective hearing meant she thought we were talking about a return to Cambodia and Thailand in 2016 – despite saying 2017 and even in our previous plan […]

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