2016, 2017 and 2018 adventure plans…..

Well, following on from our 2015-2016 plans, how did we do?

Hmmm.  Not hugely well.  Totally my parents fault, mainly my mother, whose selective hearing meant she thought we were talking about a return to Cambodia and Thailand in 2016 – despite saying 2017 and even in our previous plan not mentioning it. Parents eh?  So bringing forward an Asia trip a year or so stopped many of the 2015 & 2016 trips.

Due to the change in plans 2015 also saw us say goodbye to the Campervan.

2015, we managed cycling Lands end to home, and lots of little trips, and a month or so cycling round Brittany but nothing massive.

So, new plans.  Draft.  A mixture of big trips, little trips, van trips and hiking and cycling trips. We need to balance the different types of trips which is tougher than it sounds!


  • Two months backpacking around Cambodia and Thailand, escorting my parents for part of it
  • Build a new, smaller campervan (this will be very time consuming!)
  • Campervan trip to France, via the Alps for mountain biking and down to the Med
  • Winter trip TBD – Portugal?
  • More short trips (no specific order) to Devon/Dorset/Cornwall/Lakes
  • Hopefully one cycle camping trip


  • Cycle camping trip to the south of France (again) direct over the hills
  • Month around Scandinavia up to the Arctic Circle in the new van
  • More short trips (no specific order) to Devon/Dorset/Cornwall/Lakes


  • Early 2018 (Jan/Feb?) 4-8 weeks cycle touring around NZ

Still to do, but need to fit it in

  • Snowboarding
  • Mynamar
  • Cycle around Switzerland?
  • Eastern Europe
  • Return visit to Germany/Italy
  • Jersey
  • Croatia, Slovinia, Slovakia
  • Scotland
  • Iceland trip (either campervan or fly/drive)
  • etc!

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