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Well, we decided to start with the OS sliding door as most of this will be hidden from view most of the time, so hence the best to practice on! Firstly, we have a ply lining kit which we used the bottom panel which needs to be held in place […]

NV200: Insulating, lining and finishing a door

OK – just a quick progress update.  See pics below In the OS alcove, there is now the 240v/12v charger and the 12v-12v battery-battery charger and the solar controller, and a cover has been made with Perspex view panels to see the LEDs and vents to keep cool.  The cover […]

NV200 – Progress update

These are two jobs I didn’t want to do – cut holes and fit opening windows in both NS and OS sliding door, and tinting rear glazed windows to match.  So I outsourced this to White Horse Windscreens to do the cut/bonding, and White Horse Tints to do the tinting.  […]

NV200: Fitting & Tinting windows

The 240v electric requirements are quite simple for us as we seldom use 240v.  Most of the time we run on gas/12v – and everything we carry runs on 12v or USB.  So 240v is simply for a mains battery charger and a single socket that we can use for […]

NV200: 240v Electrics

Showing these as they show details I could not find when we were looking at the van, which is “how much space is there inside the panels) The panels come off by removing the plastic caps, but they are single use so break.  Oh  joy.  So you will need to […]

NV200: Internal trim panels

Blimey, it started so well lol!  Thought the job would be over in the morning…..  But it was a full day.  Follow my advice, and it’ll be a morning, you’ll save half a day, and you can owe me beers. I bought the PF Jones TNI002 towbar (£93 delivered).  Came […]

NV200: Fitting towbar and electrics

Well, the first job was to remove the bulkhead.  Easy peasy.  Or so we thought.  But hey ho, nothing will be straight forward so we may as well start now! The mesh bulkhead was in 3 parts bolted with 13mm hex and T40 torx bolts – so easy enough to […]

NV200: Removing bulkhead

240v Electrics Idea The 240v electrics are quite simple on this van, as they aren’t really needed.  But, we want it just to operate a 240v battery charger and a single 240v socket just for a single 1/2kw electric heater in the winter.  So nothing major. Now simply, you need […]

240v Electrics

Click HERE for trip index Getting to our accommodation in Khao Lak was easier than expected. The tourist minivans would stop in central khao lak only leaving us stranded, so we opted for public big bus so walked to the main road where there is a “bus stop”. Within seconds […]

Asia 2016: Khao Lak and The Similan Islands