240v Electrics

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240v Electrics Idea

The 240v electrics are quite simple on this van, as they aren’t really needed.  But, we want it just to operate a 240v battery charger and a single 240v socket just for a single 1/2kw electric heater in the winter.  So nothing major.

Now simply, you need cable, plugs, sockets, and a consumer unit.  Most campervan consumer units have single pole MCBs – but I want dual pole.  Yes, an overkill, but yes recommended especially if you use dodgy feeds!

  • PO104 consumer unit (25A RCD + 10A+6A dual pole MCBs) – ebay for £40 new.
  • 16A arctic cable
  • 16A surface mount socket (similar to HERE) .  So the hookup socket will be hidden underneath the van out of sight as we don’t really use it that often.

There will be a single 13A socket off the 10A MCB for the heater (8A), and a single socket (6A) for the charger.

The consumer unit will be earthed to the van chassis.

See HERE for blog post on build

240v to 12v Charger

Tayna powerline 7a multistage charger  (Use code FACEBOOK45)

2 thoughts on “240v Electrics”

  1. Hi, great job on the van! I’ve recently had my Nv200 converted. We’re experiencing some issues with the mains hookup. When hooked up, a static charge builds up on the outside of the van and gives a static shock when you touch it. Did you experience anything like this?

    1. Sorry for delay
      No – no static charge on hookup. Doesn’t sound right. My earth is bonded to the chassis and no issues.

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