NV200: Fitting & Tinting windows

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These are two jobs I didn’t want to do – cut holes and fit opening windows in both NS and OS sliding door, and tinting rear glazed windows to match.  So I outsourced this to White Horse Windscreens to do the cut/bonding, and White Horse Tints to do the tinting.  Both work from the same unit but are different guys, and they came recommended to me.

The windows I bought from VanPimps as they had an offer on, and someone kindly gave me a 10% off code – so thanks for that 🙂

The tinting was made to look easy, but glad someone else did it!

The cutting of the holes was also made to look easy, the installer made a perfectly neat cut around the interior panel before it became double skin.  The only downside, was the van pimps opening windows do not fit that hole!  The plain glass would without an issue, but the rails on the opening window made it impossible.  So the installer had to cut the hole bigger than we wanted to move the windows to the correct location so the gaps were as expected and the rail fitted.  This meant that there wasn’t a suitable place to mount the interior trim, and the internal cut out is a bit oversized and a bit of a mess – but to be honest, they did the best they could and we can cover the mess with lining.

From the outside, really pleased.  And from the inside, its probably the best it could be.  I’d blame the windows as it was perfectly neat before they had to modify it to take the window rails!

So yep, worth doing and recommended.  And I’m glad I didn’t DIY!

Pics of the process and the “neat” hole before it was modified to take.

DSCN1415DSCN1416 DSCN1417DSCN1418 DSCN1424 DSCN1425DSCN1426DSCN1427 DSCN1428


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