NV200: Fitting towbar and electrics

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Blimey, it started so well lol!  Thought the job would be over in the morning…..  But it was a full day.  Follow my advice, and it’ll be a morning, you’ll save half a day, and you can owe me beers.

I bought the PF Jones TNI002 towbar (£93 delivered).  Came quick and was perfect.

I also ordered a separate 13-pin dedicated electric kit from ebay (£61) – 29140507RC  which is good, bit tight to wire, and the manual has some omissions in….  EDIT:  The omission is “connect blue/black wire to pin 2B – this means the van fog is disconnected when trailer connected.”

Anyway, I bough the towbar as it said no bumper removal or bumper cuts, so easy!  It does need a minor cut (multi tool perfect for job) but that’s easy enough.  Fitting requires two people, 17 & 19mm sockets/spanners and 24mm I think.  Also a couple of torque wrenches.  But fit loosly and then tighten up and it fits perfectly.

Then you do the electrics….  Only to find you need to remove the bumper to run the wires!!!  Don’t try without as it can’t be done.  So after trying, I had to remove the towbar and then the bumper.  That is actually easy enough once you know how and its light enough so don’t let it phase you.

So, my advice:-

  • Remove the bumper!  a few centre-push/pull reusable clips, 3 underneath and maybe 5 on the back.  2 10mm bolts behind the door.  2 10mm bolts each side in and under the wheelarch.
  • Then it just peels off – it feels bad to do, but see pics to understand the clips.  I put a screwdriver in the gap in the wheelarch and pushed the bumper sideways, then gently prised it away each side.
  • Once removed, remove internal panels, 2 phillips screws then push up.
  • Run wires
  • Cut the bit of bumper you don’t need (see pic, I did it on the van)
  • Then put bumper back
  • Then install towbar
  • Then cable electrics
  • Then plug in and test.  The plugs come apart with a small press on the “inserted” side which is at the back out of site, and is a PITA to find.  See pic

Getting the torque right was a chore, but overall an easy job.  What wasted the day was trying to run the wires without removing bumper (and failing); removing and redoing towbar, and working out how to get the bumper off without breaking it.

Now I know, its 1/2 day….

Pictures FYI only

On install, the foglight on the van doesn’t work – this is because its connected to the blue/black cable which is not connected in the 13-pin connector.  And the instructions don’t say, so will chase company when I get time.  (connect blue/black to 2B)


DSCN1368 DSCN1369 DSCN1370 DSCN1371 DSCN1378 DSCN1379 DSCN1380 DSCN1381



8 thoughts on “NV200: Fitting towbar and electrics”

    1. lol. My hands still cut from trying to get the electrics fitted without removing the bumper. So much easier 2nd time! Just wish someone was a month ahead of me lol

  1. Excellent post!!. Great collections.. It’s really helpful to us.I follow blog for tips and guidelines.

  2. A credit to you, it’s very heartening to see that some people like to share knowledge and experience. That’s what this world should be about.

  3. Hi, a very useful bit of information shared, thankyou. I am about to fit a towbar to my nv200 and electrics to suit caravan towing. I believe this also has to provide a live feed for my 12v fridge and charging for the leisure battery. Can I ask you, did you have all the necessary wiring in your kit, as I think some cables have to be run towards the front of the vehicle, or were all your connections made at the rear corners?

    1. Hi
      As far as I remember, the kit had everything in it, and for constant +12v the guide said to connect to the front battery
      This was optional
      I did not need it or want it so didn’t connect it.
      (Note also I have +12v from engine in the back anyway for the battery to battery charger as its a camper – so for me, if I wanted it, I’d just connect to that (fused).)
      Its not a tough job – just be careful removing bumper (daunting but mine was OK) – and do wires and bar together – I did bar then refitted bumper then had to remove it again for the wires!

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