NV200 – Progress update

Click for: NV200 Campervan build index, Also all Necessary tools used. Full conversion spec here. All photos taken during build

OK – just a quick progress update.  See pics below

  1. In the OS alcove, there is now the 240v/12v charger and the 12v-12v battery-battery charger and the solar controller, and a cover has been made with Perspex view panels to see the LEDs and vents to keep cool.  The cover does not have vents fitted yet
  2. The rooflight frame has been made, and has had “steps” made to fit into the corrugations.  This is ready to bond once my new props arrive.  The roof beam has been cut and removed ready
  3. I’ve used tile-edge to “edge” a door, and then carpet lined it.  First time of doing this, so its far from perfect (this door will be hidden more than the others!) – but came out OK.  Of course, door panel needs insulating and covering later.

DSCN1438 DSCN1439 DSCN1433 DSCN1432 DSCN1431 DSCN1437 DSCN1430 DSCN1429 DSCN1435 DSCN1436


2 thoughts on “NV200 – Progress update”

  1. Hi Guys 🙂

    Thank you so much – I’m really impressed, and inspired by your work, advice/guidance and working progress pics.
    I’ve started our dream (NV200) with greater confidence because of it.



    1. Good luck! There is an NV200 facebook group where others have done similar and different, and so many ways of doing it. Make it your own and enjoy! Good luck

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