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There seems to be a few ideas on how to do this, and some other solutions which won’t work for me, so this was always an unknown as I’ve barely opened the bonnet on the van. Also, we’re not currently sure how “smart” the alternator is, so we may also […]

NV200: Getting 12v engine feed to rear

Well until we build the furniture, all the lining and insulation is now done!  Wohoo! That was tough and its taken 6 weeks to get this far.  It would be so much easier to ply line and just line the ply, but our way gives the van character and maximises […]

NV200: Lining B pillar and last door with recessed ...

This was going to be the toughest lining job – but it was that time….  Most people ply line and which gives a lovely straight edge, but due to wanting to maximise available space, we cant do that.  So, as the pics show, the nearside rear has some tempting holes, […]

NV200: Insulating, lining, and making use of hidden space

We wanted a Heki Midi – but once we got the van we thought it was too big, so in the end got a Heki air quad, 400×400 installation with fixed ventilation. But having never installed before, we knew this would be a challenge! Firstly, I made a frame out of […]

NV200: Fitting skylight

The default way to insulate between the ribs using kingspan or simlar, then ply over, and line accordingly. But the NV200 is quite low, and we thought every cm would help, so we did it a more complex and long winded way, which we hope adds character! We insuated the […]

NV200: Insulating and lining the roof/ceiling

More lining completed.  I hate this job – really quite stressful and, of course, the finish is “final”.  I’ve tried to do it in least seen order 🙂  I’ve had glue in my hair, mouth, face….  and it smells and tastes awful.  Anyway!!! All 4 doors lined, 2 fully panelled […]

NV200: More lining….

The cab doesn’t need many changes, which is a good job as sometimes you can see why the Nissan is a budget van.  The head lining for instance is made of cheese and far too easy to damage, so glad we didn’t have any plans to take it all down.  […]

NV200: Cab

Well today, fitted a dashcam and discreet cabling. The dashcam appears to be one of the best price/performance cameras and came recommended.  For the money, the HD filming is pretty good Anyway, fitting is quite easy but thought I’d detail it here. The cable can tuck in on the top […]

NV200: Fitting dashcam

This was one of my most feared jobs – converting the front passenger seat to swivel and have adjustable runners, as by default its fixed. A bit of advice online and a few have done it, but some tough stories of getting the seat out and brackets off, and some […]

NV200: Fitting swivel plate and runners to passenger seat

What a hateful job!  But now all 4 doors are lined. Word of warning – the doors with handles (OS & NS slider, and rear large door) leak internally.  We guessed this was the case as you can see light out, but in driving rain when I was lining the […]

NV200: More door lining

All part of the overall plan – is a tow-bar mounted bike rack.  We had hoped for one that would allow the doors to open, but the only one that “may” work is the Altura DL from Roofbox – but that is >£330 and quite heavy and extends back quite a […]

NV200: Bike Rack & 2nd rear view camera

Putting this post up in case it happens to anyone else and they google it, or indeed anyone can explain what went on and why. During the conversion, one of my primary objectives is to do minimise interference with the van itself, such that if I ever need it, I am […]

NV200: Panic! Electrical gremlins :o

We had planned to have a curtain rail that went around the cab windows, and then around the back of the seats so that we could have curtains blocking the cab off for wildcamping, or around the entire windows for campsite camping. Sadly, the reality is that the curtain rail […]

NV200: Fitting cab curtain rail