NV200: Fitting cab curtain rail

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We had planned to have a curtain rail that went around the cab windows, and then around the back of the seats so that we could have curtains blocking the cab off for wildcamping, or around the entire windows for campsite camping.

Sadly, the reality is that the curtain rail would not bend around the 3D angles of the roof – it would take numerous attempts and no guarantee of success – and the roof lining is so weak it’d probably break if we removed it to try and put wood battens behind.  So glad we didn’t try!

Instead, we opted for a curtain to close off the cab for discreet camping and for when its very cold using a campervan curtain rail, and blinds for the cab windows.  We managed to get some internal silver screens which are grey inside reversable, and well made from ebay ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-NV200-Evalia-VAN-MAGNETIC-THERMAL-SUN-SHADES-3x-SET-FOR-FRONT-CAB-ONLY-/111941016793?hash=item1a10345cd9:g:viwAAOSwpDdVY4BV ) and these fit really well by magnet.  So they’ll be our campsite blinds.  They pack smaller than expected too.

For the curtain rail, experience says they are a PITA to bend as they buckle.

So, I made an outline I cut into some thick wood, routed a grove, and then used that as a jig with hot air and clamps to slowly bend to shape.  Once released from the mould it did need a manual tweak to stop it springing back but far better than by hand.

This was then screwed into place through the roof lining into some 6mm ply I put behind.

The roof lining is very fragile so have no plans to remove it!  Its really easy to break.  So we’ll insulate and carpet line up to the rail and not beyond but it will be neater for now.

Rail, curtain tape, clips and everything needed from http://loveyourcampervan.com/shop/4587831286

DSCN1446 DSCN1447 DSCN1448 DSCN1449

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