NV200: Panic! Electrical gremlins :o

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Putting this post up in case it happens to anyone else and they google it, or indeed anyone can explain what went on and why.

During the conversion, one of my primary objectives is to do minimise interference with the van itself, such that if I ever need it, I am covered by the 5yr Nissan warranty.  So I’m minimising, simplifying and avoiding habitation to van contact.

As of today, the only interaction is:-

  • Towbar electrics installed via a plug-in dedicated kit – no wires cut and van isn’t CANBUS – so quite simple.
  • Rear interior light removed
  • Modified rear view camera cabling (just +, -, & Vid)

So really, nothing much.  I have disconnected and connected the rear heated screen and I’ve been “near” the central locking motors. But not touched them.

Anyway, today, the van battery was flat.  No idea why but its not moved for at least a week, and doors have been open a lot with interior lights etc.   We’ve probably left doors open overnight etc, and van has only done 250 miles in a month, so not hugly charged so not worried why (yet).  The van also has a full ultrasonic alarm (unwanted, not ordered, seems a freebee from Nissan).

So I jumped the van, and the trip computer was reset, but the radio wasn’t.


  • Engine fan and headlights on at ignition on and would not go off
  • Rear lights didn’t work
  • Rear heater didn’t work
  • Brake warning light didn’t go off
  • Front wipers didn’t work, but washers did
  • Lights didn’t work, but they lit up the “dash” lights, but didn’t light up the other control lights or dim the stereo.
  • Indicators worked
  • Rear wash and wipe did work
  • Interior fan, mirrors, windows worked.
  • Van drove “ok”

Really very weird….  Thinking it was me, I disconnected the towing loom; reconnected the interior light, and checked everything else, but nothing seemed to fix it.  I also checked every fuse in internal and engine fuse boxes – all OK.

The solution APPEARS TO BE (watch this space) – turn it off and on again!  And by that I mean disconnect the battery for 5 mins to reset all ECUs.

Interestingly, this time the radio also reset and needed a code, but this seemed to fix it.  I “think” it may have been one ECU had reset, one hadn’t, so they were out of sync, or they were turned off/on/off/on quickly when trying to start and just got their bits in a twist.

So 3+ hours panicing, and turning it off and on again seems to be ok.  10mm spanner for the -ve lead on the battery.

If the battery has a short life, then hopefully our solar system will keep it topped up.  Touch wood.



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