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This is a bit of a milestone, its when you can turn the van on and actually check things work!  Especially as some things we’ve had for 5 months or so! Quite a long post, but…. Batteries 2x 100AH batteries fit in bottom of wardrobe next to bed.  I keep […]

NV200: 12v Electrics & control panel

The gas locker will fit in the rear offside corner.  And, as usual, its very tight!  And very awkward. Its built so the rear offside van air vent is kept clear for van ventilation, so is fully stand alone and can take a calor 3.9kg propane cylinder and we have […]

NV200: Gas locker

In my head, this job was easy – doh.  As ever, its a right sod and isn’t as easy as it looks on YouTube. So, the way I did it, right or wrong, is:- Measure where the door needs to be and the size Cut rectangle MDF to the size […]

NV200: Making furniture doors in 15mm ply

Not posted for a while, mainly because there have been millions of little jobs that consume time and don’t have much to show for it.  So lots of  “design” bonding supports in for future bits, and all preparation for next steps…. And I say Milestone, but that suggests there is […]

NV200: Build update, milestone reached :)

See the index for bed details, and still, the Rusty Lee frame impresses us.  So well made we’ll be using it as our “level” for the furniture as I can’t find any straight edge on the van! Fitting was fairly easy.  Position accurately and measure/drill from underneath up to 10mm […]

NV200: Fitting Rock n Roll bed

The fresh water tank was always going to be a challenge – as, well, there is nowhere for it to go! However, I decided to take a gamble and have one made that fits above the rear axle and hope my calculations are correct that it doesn’t get squashed!  Not […]

NV200: Fitting fresh water tank

We made the bed boards (as we wanted to) rather than let the bed builder as it within our ability/ So 9mm ply, cut and shaped around the bed frame, with corners rounded and smoothed as needed.  We made the seat back with head rests that rest perfectly on an […]

NV200: Making bed boards

The campervan will have a couple of types of usage – discreet overnighting, and campsite camping.  Also, we expect to be overnighting in both hot climates and cold winter sport areas.  Finally, the windows are single glazed so we need to consider condensation. So with that in mind, we’ve implemented […]

NV200: Curtains and blinds

In a normal sized van, like a VW, there are a multitude of suppliers selling ready made beds of all sizes and budgets and quality. But, go for a custom sized bed and the choice plummets dramatically! And for us, getting a bed/seat that fits exactly where we want it […]

NV200: Seat and Bed is here (Rusty lee rock ...

At last!  A job that appeared to go well! Firstly, we got our water tanks made by Neil @ EMPF water tanks – – and he gave superb advice, took my naff drawings, advised improvements and more, and made and delivered our custom tanks within agreed timescales.  Totally recommend, even […]

NV200: Fitting waste water tank and electric dump

This was probably my most feared job.  Not because its complex, or that never seen one let alone installed one, or its expensive and a host of other reasons.  The main reason is having to get into the fuel tank and I’m scared of breaking the vans fuel system…. And, in […]

NV200: Fitting Diesel heater

We had anticipated using 25mm kingspan/celutex insulation and then ply floor and flooring on top.  But, as we are restricted on height we changed our minds and changed to 7mm foam/silver backed insulation – the same we are using on the roof and other places and have been impressed.  This […]

NV200: Insulating and installing Floor