NV200: Fitting fresh water tank

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The fresh water tank was always going to be a challenge – as, well, there is nowhere for it to go!

However, I decided to take a gamble and have one made that fits above the rear axle and hope my calculations are correct that it doesn’t get squashed!  Not only that, but the tank we have touches the rear mounted spare wheel at the back, only just clears the shock absorber on the offside, only just far enough away from exhaust on the nearside (may need heatshield), and oh so close to the chassis at the front.  So getting a 40mm filler pipe up was a huge challenge, the smaller pump feed and electrics are fine.

Its tight.  Very tight. And the 6mm of insulation doesn’t help.  (so tight the rear hangers had to move “out” from the photos as they fouled the spare wheel (!)

The tank is angled slightly to ensure we can fully drain the tank via the bottom fed pump feed, and the tank also has water level sensors installed.

Along with the chassis bits, there are also brake pipes and cables to avoid and prevent chaffing.  Not an easy job, but after  fast bumpy test drive, nothing went clunk. Will keep an eye over the next few months.

So all installed awaiting furniture, electrical and plumbing jobs!

Blue pipe = fill; grey pipe = drain; black pipe (blue fitting) = pump feed

DSCN1602 DSCN1603 DSCN1605 DSCN1606

2 thoughts on “NV200: Fitting fresh water tank”

    1. Fresh is 30L. Waste is 20L.
      Fresh has 4x LED for 50%+ 30-50% 10-30% and <10% full (roughly)
      Waste has 1x LED when 80% full.

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