NV200: Fitting Rock n Roll bed

Click for: NV200 Campervan build index, Also all Necessary tools used. Full conversion spec here. All photos taken during build

See the index for bed details, and still, the Rusty Lee frame impresses us.  So well made we’ll be using it as our “level” for the furniture as I can’t find any straight edge on the van!

Fitting was fairly easy.  Position accurately and measure/drill from underneath up to 10mm hole for M10 bolts and small anti-squash plates on top, and spreader bars underneath.  All metalwork was primed and the bars painted to ensure rust protection.

We were concerned the spare wheel would be in the way of mounting, but its not – phew.  Once removed there is plenty of space.  We opted “nut side up” for ease of removal from inside if needed (hopefully not!).

Strong as an ox – and more than happy with its fixings.

DSCN1600 DSCN1601 DSCN1608

2 thoughts on “NV200: Fitting Rock n Roll bed”

  1. Hi Ryan and Mel, thnak you so much for your knowledgeable website! I’ve been told that if I don’t have a pop top (which I don’t, as I’m a keen stealth campervanner!) There won’t be enough room for adults to sit on the back seats comfortably, as there will only be 82cm from seat to roof. Do you find that, is that why you had the skylight? Thanks for any advice you’ve got

    1. Define comfortably? Out last cars were a Puma and an MX5 – so the van has lots more room 🙂
      But you are right – and some things we took into account to negate this
      1 – the roof we didn’t insulate as well as we wanted, and we didn’t ply-over the roof crossmembers – we insulated between. this gives a few more mm (20?) head room
      2 – the loo under the bed was priority – so seat height is mm perfect to get access to the loo, and bed modified with flat front cross member at floor (not box section) saving another 20mm
      3 – the seat “reclines” so the angle of the back has a couple of possible settings, and when angled means you have more headroom as you lean back.

      Is it tight? Yep. (its a small van!). Does it work – yep.

      We have 82cm from top of seat to roof (how on earth you got the same measurement is beyond me lol!) – but 86cm following seat back angle.

      If you don’t have the loo under you could lower the seat a bit as our seat does feel a bit high to sit on – but the loo was essential for us as we wild camp.

      Small van = lots of compromises – just need to fine tune for you.

      Good luck

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