NV200: Fitting waste water tank and electric dump

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At last!  A job that appeared to go well!

Firstly, we got our water tanks made by Neil @ EMPF water tanks – http://www.plasticwatertanks.co.uk/2.html – and he gave superb advice, took my naff drawings, advised improvements and more, and made and delivered our custom tanks within agreed timescales.  Totally recommend, even if website is iffy 🙂

The waste tank is around 20L which for a van of this size is fine.  Its mounted under the passenger seat using fixings from caktanks (leisure lines).  inlet/outlet is 1″ with a 10mm breather.  Its insulated with single bubble wrap foil as I had some laying around, so this glued and taped.  It has CBE waste level detector so that the van will display when waste I around 60-70% full.

The tank is hung on 4x M8 120mm J bolts hooked into existing chassis holes.

Its “close” to the van exhaust and the heater exhaust, and whilst I am advised its far enough away not to melt, I made a small aluminium heat shield to protect the tank at the closest point.

The waste is controlled by a 12v ball valve (power=open, no power= close).  Works a treat and we will have a “dump” switch on the control panel.  No more faffing around under the van!  Also will allow discreet dumping (of sink water only of course).  This is mounted to anther aluminium bracket using existing chassis bolts, and as its a bit lower than the tank (as it has to be obviously) I’ve designed the bracket to allow it to have minor ground impact without damage just in case.

The waste pipe and cables route via a hole under the passenger seat, under the service void under the diesel heater ready for the kitchen.  The hole through the floor is “cased” in plastic pipe (home stuff) and that is bonded in, and the van waste/electric go through that and stuck with normal sealant.  This means they can be removed easily and not worry about permanent bonding

Seems to work a treat!

DSCN1564 DSCN1565 DSCN1578 DSCN1580 DSCN1581 DSCN1582

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