NV200: Gas locker

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The gas locker will fit in the rear offside corner.  And, as usual, its very tight!  And very awkward.

Its built so the rear offside van air vent is kept clear for van ventilation, so is fully stand alone and can take a calor 3.9kg propane cylinder and we have a 30mb bulkhead fixed regulator with pigtail and 8mm copper pipe out.  We also have a gas pressure gauge that may help tell us when the bottle runs out, but also its to ensure we know of any leaks as its a total DIY install!

For safety, the bottle will be strapped in the locker, and also via a strap to a convenient NV200 tie-down hook – so in the event of accident the bottle won’t fly around.  Also the locker is at “van floor” level, not the raised floor, so can’t slide forward.

The locker has a 70mm lip, sealed on sides and bottom, and has a 50mm drop vent straight out.  The copper pipe exit is sealed.  So any gas leakage will safely escape the van.

The rear door opens “down” so hinges/catches don’t foul the bottle (as its very tight!)

As the bottle should be turned off for travel, we have made a small door in the locker top which can be accessed when the rear door is closed and the bike rack is on.

The locker is strong enough to support the rear bulkhead, and as this is offset, it gives a void between the bulkhead and the rear doors suitable for storing the table (maybe/maybe not!) and blinds (as well as concealing access to the top of the locker.  The vent at the top of the locker does NOT go into the gas locker, but next to it which is just a small void joining the van ventilation in the bottom corner, so this is for “fresh air” in the habitation area.

(There is also a 50mm gas drop vent in the floor under where the hob will be (actually under the fridge), and there will be a stop cock somewhere).

This is the first time I’ve made a locker door and, as usual, its 100x harder than expected!  That’s why I did these first, to practice before anything can be seen!

The 8mm copper gas pipe goes out and is secured (and not knockable) and comes through the middle bulkhead to a stop-cock ready for connecting to the hob.


DSCN1647 DSCN1646 DSCN1645DSCN1652 DSCN1644 DSCN1643

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