NV200: Boxing in, and Toilet roll cupboard

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Todays job was boxing in some pipework and wiring that goes from the kitchen area, across behind the seats to the diesel heater then under the passenger seat to the waste water tank.  The pipework and cabling is neat in tubes, just needs cosmetic covering up.

Under the passenger seat there is space for a spare pair of shoes or something, so that area is just flat.

Behind the drivers seat the space is a bit wasted.

And I had a brain wave – where does the loo roll go?  Silly question, but the loo cupboard is going to be very tight to we maximise room for a storage drawer and there isn’t space there.  An area I had considered is too small.  So thought we could have it in its own cupboard which is boxing in the pipework.  In addition, its POSSIBLE a kitchen towel roll will go on top – we’ll see.

Its designed not to interfere with the drivers seat movement, and is also spaced away from the diesel heater so the heater can still be removed for maintenance.

This makes the cupboard very tight (as is everything!) so decided not to T-edge inside the door as (a) it won’t get seen unless you need the loo in which case it won’t be top of your agenda; and (b) the door hole is so big by necessity, the edge is narrow – and its highly likely the t-edge would split the ply.  So left alone.

Discreet and neat and using otherwise wasted space

DSCN1718 DSCN1719


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