NV200: Kitchen & furniture #2

Click for: NV200 Campervan build index, Also all Necessary tools used. Full conversion spec here. All photos taken during build

Most feared job #2 for the same reason as the wardrobes!  I won’t bore you again.  Bit more router practice, and loads of time spent making templates.  A few cock ups, but think I’ve covered them over.

The kitchen starts at a front bulkhead – this has to be back a bit so the drivers seat can move back, so it looks a bit weird.  The bulkhead then gets in the way of the OS sliding door handle, so had to modify again to get the that to fit!

The good news, is the gap between the front bulkhead and the drivers seat is big enough for campsite gear (ramps, hookup cable, silver blinds, and also our 10L water filler container).  Great!

This gives JUST enough worktop for our CAN FL1401 dual ring burner hob and sink.  The front bulkhead doubles as a splash guard and curtain protector so the hob doesn’t splash into the cab.

Under the hob is our 39L compressor fridge and cupboards & drawers.

Under the fridge is a full gas drop vent just in case

The front panel has the doors with usual T-trim and locker edge, with doors positioned to allow the bed to pas (yes – its that close!).  All wiring goes in trunking behind the fridge.  The panel is shaped in a nice curve to match the drivers seat angle (and hide the campsite gear) and also has the 240v socket.  Again, all held with pocket hole screws.

The pipework for gas and water (tap, filler, waste) all go up in the RHS cupboard.

Having the OS sliding door makes it easy to get to the back to work on.

The worktop is covered in the marble formica, and the front edge has a nice curve – bloody awkward to do – a 2.5m long bit of string and a pencil with lots of attempts and just picked one lol! Works ok.

Gas connected to hob via an isolation valve.  Water via 10mm pipe to tap.  Waste via 1″, and filler will be via pull out thing TBD.

Over the fridge there is a fully extending pullout drawer to maximise usable space.

So commissioning the kitchen means water, pump, tank sensor, waste valve, waste, pimp-tuning, hob, gas, ignitor, sink, fridge to name but a few are now all complete!

DSCN1665 DSCN1661 DSCN1662DSCN1676DSCN1677DSCN1678DSCN1680

DSCN1681 DSCN1682 DSCN1683

4 thoughts on “NV200: Kitchen & furniture #2”

  1. Hi, great project! My question is, the kitchen cabinet surface looks like Westfalia style. The cabineta doors and the skin itself and I couldn’t see any pictures how you made it or did you purchase it as it is? Thank you.

    1. Hi
      All totally hand made.
      The top surface is really think formica (ebay) that is just spray-contact adhesive onto bare ply. the furniture board is from grasshopper lesire (I think) – voringer ply (or something like that!) – v expensve : £120 a sheet but well worth it. Bare sheets of lightweight stuff was £45 a sheet. The hinges/buttons/trim was either ebay or megavanmats or any other supplier. Its all off-the-shelf stuff. Some youtube videos I watched “how to” – but basically in scrap, make a door the size you want. then screw to more scrap and use as temoplate to make hole (I used 5mm bit) Then use that wood -with-hole as a temoplate on real board – clamp and be careful – and hey presto you have a cut out of a door and a hole (with 5mm gap for trim). Think about it. And practice 🙂

  2. I want say well done on a fantastic job, and thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge that you have gained in the process.

    I am currently thinking about doing the same to 2013 NV200 that is up for sale near me.

    do you know the dimensions of the bed and the fitted units by any chance?

    1. Hi
      The bed was 100 x 165 (but then used loo with cushion to extend). Small & tight, yes, but the only way it was workable in the nv200.
      The units – sorry can’t recall, but watch my finished video it explains how tight it all was and tricks used.

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