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Hi all Just a quick note to say as of 18 July (ish) I’m massively overhauling the website to make it work on mobiles and tablets.  I’m migrating content to a clean database too, which means all the ancient **** slowing it down will be removed, and it should be […]

!! NEW WEBSITE !! (errors expected)

Okay, it now over, and now time to use the van.  We borrowed ideas from many blogs and websites, videos and forum posts, and each helped us design “our” van.  So to pay back I’ve made a video of ours with enough detail so that anyone looking can see what […]

NV200: Van complete – final pics and video

OK – this is the last job (I think) Storage is at a premium, so we’ve got to be clever.  The drawer above the fridge is small, but we need to store a lot. So 2 breakfast bowls, one large salad bowl, 2 big plates, one small plate, 2 glasses,  […]

NV200: Kitchen drawer; plates, cups, cutlery storage

Bit behind with blog, did this ages ago, but…. When you look at beds, consider how they are made and what space is accessible underneath.  Some we saw were made in such a way that most of the space underneath was wasted and/or inaccessible.  VW Rusty Lee beds are pretty much […]

NV200: Under bed storage, and toilet

Well that was easier than expected. DVLA sent us a new V5 today with all the correct changes, confirming it is now a motor caravan and has 4 seats!  No hassle, no questions, no inspections, and no cost.  Just over 3 weeks turnaround.  Just a case of writing a letter, […]

NV200: DVLA Approval – and new V5