!! NEW WEBSITE !! (errors expected)

Hi all

Just a quick note to say as of 18 July (ish) I’m massively overhauling the website to make it work on mobiles and tablets.  I’m migrating content to a clean database too, which means all the ancient **** slowing it down will be removed, and it should be neater/cleaner going forward.

I’m expecting all new (2012+) content to work.  I’m expecting all pre 2011 content to fail as I’m not taking it over.

The menu items, and features pages and the like WILL work – but maybe not today – try tomorrow – getting it working does take time :(.

If there are any pieces of information that aren’t working you need, please let me know

Sorry for the inconvenience, but needs must!

For all BLOG POSTS (which is the easiest navigable way during transition) – CLICK HERE

The OLD website can be accessed HERE

2 thoughts on “!! NEW WEBSITE !! (errors expected)”

    1. lol! Thanks. Just found this in spam. And, confession time, it was your blog that I was reading that kicked me into action as I loved the layout, and hence I stole the same theme….! 🙂

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