NV200: Under bed storage, and toilet

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Bit behind with blog, did this ages ago, but….

When you look at beds, consider how they are made and what space is accessible underneath.  Some we saw were made in such a way that most of the space underneath was wasted and/or inaccessible.  VW Rusty Lee beds are pretty much fully usable.

The small bed bit at the back can be removed (lifted out) to access the storage underneath if needed.

We’ve made front cupboards, one takes the loo (and chemicals) – and one takes a full soft-close drawer – which is double-decker, with the lower hidden part full of tools and spares just in case, and the upper part for, probably, food.

The RHS of bed is walled off so the area in front and above the wheel arch can be used – we’ve just stuffed kitchen roll there for now.

Behind, the “garage” area is big enough for awning and 2x outdoor chairs, and room for other outdoor bits like mini BBQ and the like.  Note the word mini.

Much more usable space than we’d expect, so really quite happy.

The loo is actually quite usable.  Low, yes, and tight with the bed down, yes.  But fully usable, the waste tank is easy to empty, big enough for 3-4 days, and the flush tank is big enough and flushes very well.  We carpeted the bottom of the loo so it slides easier, and the space for it has a guide rail so it can be shoved in without worrying and it doesn’t touch the catch.

DSCN1729 DSCN1730 DSCN1731 DSCN1732 DSCN1733 DSCN1734

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