Electric lift for Rock n Roll bed

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This is a video of our DIY mod to have an electric lift on the Rusty Lee VW V4 Rock n Roll 3/4 size bed.

Just makes it easy to put it back without bending your back.The switch needs to be a DPDT switch, with +ve from power source going to “1-on” and “2-off”, and negative to “1-off” and “2-on” – and then the centre connections will alternate between +/- and -/+ depending on switch position – these go to the actuator.

An on-off-on switch means you can control both ways, so that if you need the actuator for up and down then something like:  http://amzn.to/2borr1tWe used an on-on momentary switch, so its in position “1” when not pressed, and “2” when pressed – so it makes the actuator automatically reset.  Something like:  http://amzn.to/2bvBtyeThe actuator we used was a 12v 200mm push 750N actuator, something like:  http://amzn.to/2bvAXAm  – the size you need will depend on your bed.

We made support bracket to hold actuator out of aluminium, and the top bracket out of spare aluminium.  If you have more space, you can do better than us and attach to the bed, to allow up and down, but please remember this was a quick experiment and the bed was already fitted.

As the switch is on the moving part of the bed, we routed cable through convoluted tubes “looped” at the bends so the cable doesn’t stretch as our hinges are raised so the bedding doesn’t pinch.

All beds are different, so think before copying!

In hindsight we’d do it before installing and make it neater/easier, and maybe use it for electric up and down.  Easily done for <£100 all inclusive.  But for us, just lift is absolutely fine.

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    1. lol. Yeah – the limit switches on the actuator turn it on/off. The switch is also important, its a DPDT switch which is non latching spring, so is always in position 1 (giving power to actuator to “go short”) and when you press it in it goes to position 2 (giving power to actuator to go up). Use “common” on each pole as + and – and then the actuator croxxed


      Ac+ V+ Ac-
      Av- V- Ac+

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