REVIEW: 12v Shower system (pump & head etc)

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As we use the van for wild camping, we do need wash and shower facilities, which in our van is almost impossible.  Initially we tried a solar shower, but that was a messy failure!

So we thought about it, and I was going to DIY make a system, but stumbled on this, and it is cheaper than the parts alone – by far!

The kit comes fully complete.  A waterproof bag, and a shower system which includes a 12v cigarette socket plug and 5m cable, that just plugs in; an on-off switch; a submersible pump, 2m pipe, and an adjustable flow shower head, from “almost off” to full flow.

We have a 10L water container, so we can use that full of water (and leave it in the sun), or even a washing up bowl full of clean water.  Of course, we use a kettle to put in a couple of kettle fulls to make the water warm.

But its simple – it just works!  And with the adjustable flow, 5L of warm water is enough to wash and rinse both of our hairs – great.

We can also use 10L of cold water outside to wash the bikes!shower

Quality is “okay” – its a bit plasticy, and we sanded off the shower head bottom (standard fit) as it had a moulding lip, but with the washer in its fine.  Not sure how long the pump will last, and its annoying the shower flow control doesn’t have “full off”, but apart from that we reckon its great and as its not on constantly, probably last a few years!  Definitely he best hair wash we’ve had in the van.  And for the money, an absolute bargain!



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