REVIEW: Anker Bluetooth speaker

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In the new van, we had a need for a speaker system for both music and movies.  Our requirements are small; USB rechargeable; good audio; and generally not cheap tat.

The prices for these things vary, as does sound quality, but we researched and opted for the Anker speaker here mainly due to good reviews, but also its got a huge battery life of around 24hrs and it can also be used when charging which some cant’t.

We use it via Bluetooth from our phones (which have all our music) and our little laptop (for movies and the like) – and the sound is actually incredible for its small size.  The Bluetooth is simple and works fine though there is 3.5mm socket if needed.  I’m not sure we use it right, but we need to reconnect each device each time we swap between phones/laptops.  Minor annoyance.

The audio is loud enough to be too loud in a van, so the volume is fine. It is stereo, so for watching movies in the van its hard to fault and beats laptop speakerankers hands down.  For music, the normal music quality is fine, and though the base is OK, for very bassy tracks with deep drums it is pretty weak as you’d expect.  That said, you don’t notice for normal music.

its small (4cm x 5cm x  15cm I think) – and is rectangular with side entry micro USB for recharging.

Totally recommend this and it surpasses expectations for its size, though it is weak if you need “full on bass”.

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